mobi emulator, can’t browse on your mobile? do it here.

June 20th, 2007 at 12:00 am

mobi_logo Mobile phones have grown from wireless telephones to a gadget that let's you surf on the information super highway.  WAP, EDGE and 3G technologies all have one goal, bring the internet to the road.  Problem is, none of these technologies are as fast as the regular broadband.  Furthermore, the devices they serve aren't exactly 19" monitors and FF, IE or Safari, and this causes a lot of problems with the mobile internet.  Simply speaking, it just ain't the same.

I've been acquainted with WAP ever since it was released on the Nokia 7110. IT was indeed a cool way to connect to the internet only it cost a lot since service providers are charging extra to use WAP.  Fortunately, today I don't have to spend extra anymore and it's not because I have a new subscription or WiFi enabled phone.  It's a lot better, an online emulator.

Mobi, a company known for selling the .mobi domains, have an emulator that let's users see how websites will look on cellular phones.  The emulator shows any website as accessed on a phone, nameley the Nokia N70 and the SonyEricsson K750 only. which is actually a good move because those models are the most popular.

I tried to load TechJournal on the emulator and I saw it as I have on my mobile.  Meaning this  emulator really works, escept for the screen resolution.   Only proble was, speed.  Let's just say that the .mobi emulator isn't a Porshe.

All in all though I think it's a very useful and entertaining site.  Its ability to display any website on a mock up mobile is  convincing enough for me to find an upgrade to my current phone.