Toodledo, the ultimate to-do-list app?

June 20th, 2007 at 12:00 am

We've done a number of to-do list application reviews here in Each application has its own advantages and disadvantages. Each one could have been more efficient and usable if they have incorporated one or two additional features. As these web apps think of ways to improve themselves, Toodledo releases its own task-list application jam-packed with features which made some to claim it as the “king of task-list web applications.”

I don't know about the “king” declaration, but I do know that Toodledo has indeed an impressive set of features. As a task-list manager, it uses an AJAX interface to enable users to quickly delegate tasks without making the page reload increasing one's efficiency and hopefully his/her productivity as well. It has also integrated Google Calendar, Google Personal Homepage, Firefox, and Imified into its to-do list interface.

Also, the application allows users to import information easily, share task lists, print your lists, publish the lists in the web, email alerts for top priority tasks, can import and export tasks to iCal, Palm OS, XML, CSV and text, you can add tags to better describe the various tasks, provides a search bar to quickly find tasks, keeps a history and stats options to track your progress and past accomplishments, provides a scheduler, and offers supports for GTD, RSS, SMS and WAP. Users can also set their personal goals to make themselves motivated and highly target oriented. Whether you set long-term or short-term goals basically depends on you.

Toodledo provides all these features in a very pleasant and user friendly environment. If you found previous task-list applications to be wanting, Toodledo will give you a new experience and tell you what a to-do-list app should be.