Alarmd, expensive and effective

June 22nd, 2007 at 12:00 am

alarmd screenshot - techjournalSleeping on the job is mostly a problem of people in the night shift.  Sure it's not permitted by any company but it happens anyway.  In comes Alarmd, the latest project from user inter interface designer Zach Leatherman .  It  may be a just-for-fun projrct and maing it web-based makes it one of the most expensive alarm clocks to operate, imagine the electric bill.

Though for those working and need a short powernap, Alarmd comes in very handy.  It's also the first of its kind that I've seen.  It's worked like a regular alarm clock and sounds off at the time you set it.

The clock itself looks like a countdown to doomsday and the font size is adjustable as well as the time format (12 and 24-hours).  The alarm sound is also customizable, from built in sounds to music from Last.Fm and music videos from  Youtube.  Alarm dates and times can also be set up for daily and weekly purposes.  Lastly there's also a button to stop the alarm when sounded.

All in all Alarmd is a simple and effective application.  Aside from the electric bill going up, hopefully so will the productivity.