BareSite, see the naked quickly

June 25th, 2007 at 12:00 am

bare site logo Aside from, every site to hit web 2.0 has a flashy CSS-PHP front end.  Yeah, CSS packaged sites really look great and load fast.  It's more than anything a surfer could ask for.  But how does it work for the mobile surfer?  Or for the stone age surfer?

Well, the iPhone is featuring its Safari browser, and the other phones also have their primitive browsers.  The iPhone won't be out 'til Friday and even then it still needs a road test.  This means that the world is tuck with their  underpowered phones, their less powerful mobile browsers and their slower than DSL, WAP, EDGE and 3G connections.

About the stone age web surfer using dial up or a slower connection, features of a website written in CSS, PHP, Ajax, Flash and all those fancy stuff can be a pain to load.

In comes BareSite .  No it's not an adult site (as I initially thought) but instead it's the answer to accessing those heavy sites with slower connections.  BareSite literally strips sites to the bone taking out the CSS, the colors, the pretty pictures and animations leaving the full text HTML in a single column.  Imagine viewing the latest sites at the dawn of the internet.  Cool huh?

It's faster too. By bypassing the design and displaying only the text and links, Baresite can load pages quicker.  the downside of course is the lack of rich media like audio, video and images.

BareSite's innovation is although stepping down, it has its uses especially in mobile.  Underpowered phones and browsers would take forever to load.  With BareSite, the wait is acceptable.

All in all, Baresite is a different view from the usual web2.0.  They prove that stepping down isn't necessarily a disadvantage.


Check this out.