Simple Spark, a stage for new and upcoming web applications

June 25th, 2007 at 12:00 am

simple spark logo As a blogger of mainly start ups and upcoming stuff on the web, it is essential to have sources to get stories and information hot off the grill.  Unfortunately, location and time zone keep me out of the loop and I have to rely on on news feeds and other blogs for information. Sometimes I get some inside scoop from a very unknown source or a phone call but that happens like once a year.

Anywho, I know I kind of deliberately overlooked Simple Spark the first time I saw it a couple of months ago and to my dismay, it's one of the best sources for start ups and web applications off the production line.

Basically Simple Spark is a catalog or a directory fornew web applications.  I've seen some of the applications I've reviewed on TechJournal in Simple Spark's catalog (hah! I got them first!).

simple spark screen shotFrom a start up CEO's point of view, Simple Spark is a stage.  It's like an open mic night at a bar where unheard of musicians play for the world to hear.  Simple Spark is a platform to get seen and get noticed by both their intended audience, the media, bloggers and investors.  The great thing about simple spark is that it's designed specifically for web applications so it's already got an audience that's probably interested and a couple investors looking for the next big thing.

Another great thing about Simple Spark is that it's completely free.  Well, there are a lot of directories offering free listings but agai, Simple Spark is for Web Applications only, and they put the latest submissions up front.

All in all, Simple Spark's catalog type directory sets it apart from all other free listings you can get a link from and some kind of publicity.  Also being a catalog with a nice easy to navigate interface, web applications are neatly organized into categories earnign them a top spot at my personal resources bookmarks.