Let’s Hear It For Geesee

June 27th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Slovakia scores! The web chat service called Geesee is actually one of the newer free web chat service to come out and receive very good reviews. The developers sure knew what they were doing.

Still, the popularity of web chatting services come and goes. The loyalty of users is only as good as when the next better looking web chat service comes out. Brand loyalty is a pretty good reason why developers continue to think of ways of improving their chat services. And Geesee seems to be a little ahead of its competitors in terms of functionality, features and design, at least for now.

Geesee offers a few quirks like the availability of widget plug-ins for blogs and some revenue sharing opportunities for website owners. The web chat service also allows users to put Geesee chat on their site or blogs with minimal effort and uncomplicated procedures. By copying the codes, website and blog owners can quickly chat with their visitors. The site has different codes which makes it flexible allowing users to add it to a variety of platforms, such as WordPress, TypePad, and PhpBB. There are also plugins for Firefox and Netvibes.

Other features are pretty conventional, like chatting without signing up or signing in, changing nicks when chatting as guest, and searching chat rooms by tag or by room name. The service also has full profile and photo support as well as ability to create your own chat rooms or join any rooms. Current statistics show 8,854 chats created with 31,050 registered chatters and 13,122 chat rooms.

Also, the web service has no setup fee, no installation fee, no special hosting fees and no monthly payments. Ads is the primary source of revenue for the site.