, Just When I Thought Alarmd Was All Alone

June 27th, 2007 at 12:00 am

I knew’s alarmd was too easy to be alone on the web.  But it’s just nice coincidence that I find another online alarm clock not too long after writing about Alarmd.

Today, there’s , founded in March2006, this application has at least a complete name and domain rather than the funky names missing a vowel.  Like Alarmd, OnlineClock’s dispplay is viewable in a couple of font sizes.  Unlike Alarmd, color adjustments to the font cannot be made.

Onlineclock is simpler than Alarmd allowing a single alarm setting at a time.  Furthermore, the alarm tone cannot be adjusted.  Lastly, to prove its simpllicity, the snooze feature does not automatically send  you back to clock mode.

All in all, I choose Alarmd,  no offense.  Though I have to credit for being so early.  As an online alarm clock, OnlineClock  to my knowledge came way before Alarmd.  Finally, I would also like to compliment on Onlineclock’s well placement of their ads.  Real smart.

By the way, thanks to KillerStartups for letting me know.