mydogspace, a place for dog pictures, blogs and more dogs

June 28th, 2007 at 12:00 am

mydogspace logoI've been on friendster for a long time and not so long on myspace,and I've noticed that profiles on those networks range from kids to seniors to movie stars, cartoon characters, to cars, companies, brands, etc.  Actually everything and any thing has a social network profile and that includes pets, especially dogs.

Dogs, being "man's best friend" sure are treated with some degree of respect.  And now they have their own social network.  MyDogSpace , it's a myspace for dogs. Of course its not the dogs that use them, it's the people who love dogs.

It's another niche in the social network space and by far it's not alone.  For now it's just new.  Is there anythig special or different?  Not much.  It has all the basic features of  a social network, profiles, friends, blogs, forums, comments, you name it.

The community of people behind the MyDogSpace are dog lovers.  They range from all ages and walks of life.  Some are enthusiasts, some hobbyists, and some are simple nuts about their dog.  This type of community makes MyDogSpace a great place to ask around about anything about dogs and, sadly, people will answer.

All in all, MyDogSpace doesn't bring anything new to the table but it proves that social networks are still in full swing and niches for anything will definitley get a community.