Everything Live with Operator11

June 29th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Almost everybody on the net have been held in anticipation these past few days (for some it had been for weeks) on the release of Apple's iPhone that everything in the World Wide Web seems to revolve around the subject. Fortunately, however, there are still quite a number of people who chose to continue with their daily lives.

New web2.0 sites still come out on a daily basis and peo ple continue to read about them, use them and later on,even learn to like them. Among the numerous startups that came out these past weeks, the one that caught my attention is Operator11.com .

Operator11 is a relatively new service that allows users to use their webcam pretty much like their own 24-hour online live television network. This free service which allows users to create their very first video episode upon sign up. It is a video sharing site as well so with Operator11 you can share you live videos with family members, relatives, and friends. Ok, so far it is no different from any video sharing website on the web today. What makes it different are the following facts. Operator11 allows users to post live videos making this video sharing service pretty much like your own television show.

 The site uses a pretty easy interface with drag and drop features, and video recording. By also using flash controls to navigate within the site, Operator11 makes it easy to either upload a recording or NetCast Live, edit, remix, and interact with other users.