CrunchBase, the latest product from blogging corporation, TechCrunch

July 9th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Crunchbase is the latest addition to Michael Arrington's corporation TechCrunch. Only recently did TechCrunch go corporate by installing Anne Heather Harde as their CEO and leaving their founder, Arrington, to concentrate on his editorial duties.

Since that development, changes were seen around TechCrunch and its other sites including a conference that will cement TechCrunch as the leader in web 2.0 startup blogging and news.

For a couple of months now another blogging site has infiltrated TechCrunch's niche of web startups and has gained considerable attention with its own unique short and snappy presentation of articles, KillerStartups.

The format of KillerStartup'sprofiling of new web2.0 startup companies was so effective that they were publishing 30 new companies everyday making them a valuable source for many blogs and bloggers.

Now there probably is no connection nor official motive for TechCrunch's latest baby CrunchBase but it looks as if TechCrunch want's to dominate the entire niche of web 2.0 startups by going head to head with KillerStartups.

I have to say that CrunchBase totally resembles KillerStartups and with TechCrunch's great reputation and astoundingly huge reader base, they may replace KS as the choice of resource for many bloggers.

All in all, this writer's loyalty remains with KillerStartups as resource for the latest web companies to set up shop. The reason for which is simple, Crunchbase, for now, isn't profiling as much startups as KS. I guess their still testing the water.