TechJournal forum is up and ready, here are the guidelines

July 10th, 2007 at 12:00 am

The TechJournal Forum is now open. Actually its been open for quite a while but I never got to lay down the guidelines. Anyway, it's here now and ready for your use. Enjoy!


1. Play nice. Respect the opinion of others. You wouldn't want them disrespecting yours, would you?

2. Watch your mouth. Yeah it's the web and usually there are no rules on what you gotta say but just remember when you start badmouthing and cursing, you're probably gonna end up in a fight.

3. No to p0rn. We know we all like it but this just ain't the site for it. and yes, that means links to p0rn are also prohibited.

4. Make it short and sweet. If you'll be talking about a material that is available online, please just quote the most relevant part of the article, or just provide a link to it. Don't post the complete article. If the material is offline and you feel you need to post parts of it, make sure you accompany it with some form of explanation or your thoughts.

5. Creating a new thread. Be guided by the forum description. Topics not in their proper forum will be moved to a more appropriate forum. Read the existing threads first to avoid identical or redundant threads. Be specific with your thread title. Avoid using ALL CAPS in your thread title.

6. Posting messages. We can't emphasize this enough: PLEASE STAY ON TOPIC. If you really have to include one of your witty off-topic remarks, keep it short and sweet. You are allowed to use ALL-CAPS, bold, italicized, and/or different colored fonts on your posts, but use it only to emphasize a certain portion of your message. Refrain frm using txt lingo cz its hrd 2 rd psts lyk dat. Do not abuse ellipses… Ellipses are composed of only 3 or 4 dots and are used only when something is left out of a sentence, not as a substitute for a period or a design cliché. Don't post messages consecutively on a single thread. If you're the last poster on a thread you wish to reply to, just edit your last post. And don't forget to use the "preview" button, especially if you're using BBCode tags.

7. Quoting posts. Quote only the text that is relevant to your reply. Don't quote the post preceding yours. That would be a double redundancy that repeats again and again. Just use the character "^" to refer to the post preceding yours.

8. Posting images. Make sure the image you'll be posting will contribute to the discussion. Limit the image width to 400 pixels, and the height to 500 pixels.

9. Embedding videos. Like with posting of images, make sure that the YouTube video you'll be posting will contribute to the discussion. Avoid posting messages containing only an embedded video. One video per post only. See this thread for a short tutorial on how to embed videos.

10. Using smilies. Refrain from posting messages that consist of smilies only.

11. Avatars. Maximum dimensions (in pixels) of avatars are 100×100. The maximum file size of an avatar is 25 KB. Limit your avatar to GIF or JPG files only. Offensive, pornographic, and/or inappropriate avatars will be removed on sight.

12. Signatures. The maximum allowed length of a user signature is 250 characters. Again, play nice and watch your mouth.

13. Categories, forums, and sub-forums. Only the head administrator and forums administrator can create new categories and forums. If you have a suggestion for a new category, a new forum, and/or a new sub-forum, feel free to contact us.

14. Locking/Deleting of topics. Threads that violate the forum guidelines and/or the forum-specific guidelines will be locked upon the discretion of TechJournal. Threads longer than 15 pages will be locked.

15. Judge, Jury and Executioner. 'Round here, The Administrator is God.

16. Spam, oh come on.. grow up.