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July 11th, 2007 at 12:00 am is a potentially cool web service. Putting it simply, the site offers users an opportunity to rate their coworkers honestly without worrying about any from of retribution from the other party. Reviewers can remain totally anonymous which makes it easier to review persons that you consider and vice versa your friends.

The site encourages honest opinions and ratings. It is only natural, therefore, that the site monitors any kinds of deceptive acts, libelous or malicious statements, and unruly conduct by its users. Although, it seems that site will rely on rebuttals from people who have been reviewed to asses if any misconduct or violations of its Terms of Use did exist. People who have received reviews can contest their ratings and reviews if they thought that these were unfair, inaccurate, or were made with the intention of ruining one's career.

Challenging inaccurate reviews also plays an important part in verifying the statements and assessments made by other people about you. Since the site aims to be a central repository of information that would serve to benefit both your current and potential employers, it is only vital that you maintain professional and honest reviews and ratings. You can also look at reviews of people you know by simply entering the email address, your username, company name, location, or keywords in the site's search bar.

You can review a person without registering. When you register, you get a chance to manage your reviews and receive verification notifications about your own review. All things considered, is a pretty easy site to use. Rating a coworker involves filling out a set of numeric ratings that are numbered 1 to 10. You can also choose to provide additional information like “years you have spent working with the person”. Filling out these fields in the forms will increase the credibility of your reviews.