Tracking updates like a hound

July 16th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Living in a fast-paced world do have some disadvantages. At times you feel lost. You don't know where things have gone to anymore. You wonder where your favorite artists or movie stars are and when would they release a new CD or a new movie. You can search the web, of course, and find out but it would be more convenient to have someone providing you with updates.

This is the main concept behind : a website or web service that provides users with recent updates on favorite artists, authors, film talents and even updates on various games. All users need to do is log into the site and select which artists, authors, etc you like and MyHound will send you email alerts when their new movie or releases come out. The company tries to offer users with convenience and the element of control over which ones they want to have updates. has already a very impressive collection of authors, artists, bands or musicians, stars, etc. User interface is great. You can search for names or titles of published works, release CDs and movies by an alphabetical listing of names, by title or by genre or subject. If you find searching manually quite a challenge, there's always the Advanced Search option.

The site's Calendar of Events is pretty neat as well. You can find dates of performances from popular rock bands, schedules of theater plays and even schedules of talks and live readings. Another great addition is the Recommender feature which strongly reminds me of Stumbleupon. Although, this feature is still under works since the site does not have enough members or suggested entries to make more usable recommendations, the MyHound Recommender is a great concept since it finds and matches entertainment and artistic recommendations according to the personal tastes of users.