PodNova re-equipped

July 18th, 2007 at 12:00 am

PodNova aims to keep track of podcasts or videoblogs the easy way. No more complicated searching. With PodNova subscribing, listening, viewing, reading and maintaining feeds are done all online for easy access. Site developers have been at it for the past three years, looking at every aspect to bring the most out of the site's functionality to web users.

In the early days of PodNova, the site was designed to manage online subscriptions, offer one-click subscribing to podcasts, provide an easy way to search and browse podcasts, create a community of listeners, and provide a true ranking system for the site.

Now more than two years later, the site is showcasing a number of improvements specifically made to be consistent to the new Web 2.0 ways of the Web. PodNova claims to provide better search results, new lay-out and design, an improved help section, custom audio player, use of more ajax technology, and offer support for videobogs. These are aside from the new innovation and functionality that developers fused into the new PodNova. Generated personal recommendations, featured podcasts, existing friends'-system concept, possibility of sharing subscriptions and episodes, as well as manual force feed refresh are some of the thing the new PodNova is packing. Everything have been redesigned to make life much easier for the users, not that the old design was bad but developers made things more modern, more up to date.

However, all these improvements does not overshadow the fact that a website/company called iTunes exists which pretty much do the same things as PodNova but is bigger, badder.