RSS Mixer, Feed Aggregator

July 30th, 2007 at 12:00 am

The new RSS Mixer is a simple and easy way to aggregate or mix RSS news or blog feeds in a single location. Moreover, the mixer can get the new feed and create it as an HTML page, Web or Apple Widget, or as iPhone formated Web page.

When you look closely at the RSS Mixer, you will see that it is just an RSS feed aggregator. RSS Mixer provides users with a URL linking you to your master feed and a downloadable widget options and formats. But instead of merely collecting feeds, it mixes them making you look more like a deejay mixing your own songs on a play list. RSS Mixer has a pretty easy user interface with a design that is sleek and hip.

The web widget is an added bonus. The widget gets you to share what you read in your blogs via RSS with your site visitors. Visitors of your blogs can copy your RSS feeds and use them for preference for future read. The web widget uses iFrame HTML and has most of the CSS codes are there which you could tweak if you like, since there’s no other options provided when you upload the widget.