Hound, Online Job Finder

August 3rd, 2007 at 12:00 am

Imagine this, a worldwide staff of more than 600 employees working 24/7 to find any kind of job opening conceivable. Sounds too far fetched, but this is exactly how Hound.com operates. Together with partner companies, the site provides advanced job searches for budding professionals, artists, and more.

Hound.com offers their job search services for free. This should be the case since a lot of other websites offer the same service for free and it would be hard even for a company that have a large database like Hound to compete with.

The site is quite easy to use. It looks like any search engine. There’s a search bar where you can search for particular job keywords and another one that limits search results to specific localities. Searchers can be further limited by changing the preferences which customizes presentation of search results, and jobs to be displayed. The site has currently 246,367 new jobs and have lots more older ones in its database.

Hound.com is part of the Juriscape company. CEO A. Harrison Barnes founded Juriscape in 2000 and aimed for helping attorneys find jobs. The company later became a successful recruitment and job placement corporation and continue to provide assistance in fields aside from the legal industry.