IM-History, keep all your chats

August 3rd, 2007 at 12:00 am

I have always considered the instant messenger the ultimate "the world at your fingertips" communication device.  One good reason, it’s free.  Another great thing about IM is that it’s a written document of conversations which you can review anytime.

Anyways, most instant messenger clients have the option to save conversations but it’s limited to the machine where it is installed.  In comes IM-History , this multiprotocol IM client stores your conversation archives online using secure facilities of course. 

I never noticed the need for this feature before but now that there’s an solution, I keep on remembering the times when I needed it.  For example, if  you’re a telecommuter and you usually talk to your clients via IM, with IM-History you can access your conversations anywhere instead oj just your own computer.

Well, the idea and the rationale of IM-History is very sound and I might be migrating to this client from my open source PidGin but as of now the only support a couple of IM protocols and that does not include AIM and GoogleTalk.

All in all, IM-History has still a lot of ground to cover which is actually good for them because they’re in beta mode without a 1.0 release yet.