Make Your Own Jeans

August 3rd, 2007 at 12:00 am

"People aren’t massed produced so why should their jeans be?"  I’d say au contraire but for the sake of MakeYourOwnJeans tagline, I’ll let it be.  For this site, it makes sense.  You could go around the mall all day and find nothing that fits you or youcan surf the web looking at pictures of jeans not knowing how they’ll fit you until it’s delivered to you.  With MakeYourOwnJeans, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Customizing jeans have been a tailor’s practice for far too long that with only a set of measurements, they can make a pair of jeans that will fit somebody.  This is exactly what MakeYourJeans does.  First they give a step by step procedure to measure yourself in certain places.  Then the cut up and sew your jeans together.  After an enzyme treatment to pre shrink your customized jeans, they ship it to your doorsstep.

The idea of the perfect fit jeans have been limited to the tailor and some luck for the longest time. Now you can shop for the perfect pair on the net.   Personally, I still prefer going around the mall looking for the perfect bargain.

All in all, MakeYourOwnJeans gives the public more options and a perfect pair altogether.  Though it’s unclear if they will be customizing designs as well.  Their site also sells pre made jeans so if you want to stick with online shopping in the rough, go right ahead.