Clippr, 6 Feeds On One Screen

August 6th, 2007 at 12:00 am

I was never a fan of RSS feeds and until recently I’ve been getting my news old school by going to the sites itself.  When Google Reader launched, I tried it out and found it to be faster though not completely more convenient.  I also did not use iGoogle or NetVibes or any start page aggregator for that matter due to the customization required.

Today I tried out Clippr .  It’s a feed aggregator that displays 6 feeds on one page.  I was attracted to this feature because after using Google Reader, I found it difficult to get a n overview of certain feeds I really read.  So Clippr was the answer.  Simple to use and easy to customize, Clippr displays my 6 favorite feeds on a single page with no need to create an account (he part I despise the most).  Basically it’s a no fuss feed reader capable of the usual RSS formats.

The onle downside perhaps is its article expansion.  I was hoping that I could read the whole articles on the site as well just like the Google Reader.  Instead, Clippr is only capable of opening the source of the feed and bookmarking it (another service I don’t like).   Regardless, I still find Clippr useful for my purpose of filtering my RSS feeds especially when they go into the hundreds.

All in all, Clippr will be my secondary feed aggregator for now since I am still discovering its features and figuring out how it works.  It just might be the answer to my bloggin needs of rounding up stories to make a post.