Chasing the Frog, movie reviews with just the right amount of trivia.

August 7th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Movie geeks tend to know a whole lot about the movies they watch.  It’s amazing because all that information is really out there in blogs, trivia sites and movie sites.  The hard part is filtering them all out.  Chasingthefrog is just the right filter.  Maybe not yet a full blown movie trivia community, Chasingthefrog already has many useful features.  For example, reel faces and real faces, this section shows movie characters based on actual people.  Another example, the unmasked part where they show the actors behind the masks of the most famous characters like Darth Vader or Michael Myers.

Anyways, Chasingthefrog adds a little spice to the movies we love with the trivia they provide.  With the need to make money, the site is riddled with ads and a shopping section where movie memorabilia and souvenirs are up for grabs.

All in all, Chasingthefrog is a balanced and informative look at movies with it s news and history features.  Unfortunately, they still don’t have a large community of geeks to provide more interesting details and trivia.  That however may change very quickly.