GodTube, the Christian YouTube

August 9th, 2007 at 12:00 am

YouTube as we all know is a 21st century phenomenon. Many competition and niche sites have based upon the billion dollar website and religion is not far behind.

Relaunched today is GodTube, the Christian Youtube as they call it. Basically, it's a video sharing site that does everything doable on YouTube but the content is exclusively Religious or Christian Related. Their first launch did not actaually create waves in the blogoshpere but with this relaunch, GodTube has appeared on national television and everybody's loving it.

Videos include a variety of music, teachings, stories and on the lighter side there are also Church bloopers.  Oddly, it is the Church bloopers that get the most views! (Blasphemy!) 

All in all, I think GodTube gives Christians a goody-two-shoes site mothers won't mind their kids surfing onto anytime. Furthermore, Sunday school can now be taken anytime and anywhere.

Check out the interview of GodTube CEO on Fox.