StarDolls Ate Up My Time

August 9th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Remember those paperdolls we usually get from cereal boxes or candies? The ones that you cut out then dress up using paper clothes that have those little stub to fold around the doll so the clothes stick? Well, I never had fun using them before since they were girl toys and there wasn’t much clothes for them anyway.

Today, they make an entrance on the web with StarDoll . This time, I guess I didn’t notice the time flying by but I’m sure I spen t a lot of time playing on the site. Basically you choose a person or doll you want to dress up then do it. As much as I didn’t play with the real tangible paper dolls, there’s good reason why I can’t stop playing with StarDoll, there’s tons of celebrities you can dress up.

First they start in their underwear then you choose from their wardrobe what they’ll wear. Unlike the paperdolls, every stardoll has a large wardrobe complete from shoes to accessories. I feel like a girlplaying around with a Barbie doll.

As of writing, they have about 9 million members and every couple of minutes there are new sign ups proudly displayed on the front page. Their community have a lot of mix match outfits and communities around individual celebrities have sprout up.

All in all, I’m having fun (especially seeing celebs in their underwear)mixing and matching outfits for the hottest Hollywood celebrities. I wonder why I didn’t take fashion design. I guess it’s not too late.