August 10th, 2007 at 12:00 am is a new video sharing site that features only hand picked videos by the site’s team of editors. The site boldly claims that they pick only the best videos so users like us don’t need to walk through a lot of “crap” videos out there.

Gloob utilizes the human judgment to determine if videos fit the standards of the site. Once the team of editors decide on the videos quality they upload them onto the site and users are encouraged to add their comments or responses on the videos. Gloob has a team of 25 reporters who are “experienced” in fields of entertainment, the arts, media and news. These guys perform regular video reviews and posts videos under categories of music, movies, news, games, life, sports, TV, celebs, tech, and stupid.

The quality of the video are indeed better than most video sharing sites. It seems the team of reporters and editors are doing their job. But the question is for how long? Since they are only human, it is impossible for the team to view hundreds of hours worth of contributed videos for quality and not miss a couple of hundreds. Although, Gloob should be given credit because they decided not to accept the current online video norm of not providing enough filters for quality content contributions.

Another problem, however, is that with the human aspect of filtering videos, the uploading of video files can be slow. If video uploads in Gloob is slow, people will look to other sites to check video contributions loosing potential contributors of site traffic.