SoundClick Turned 10

August 14th, 2007 at 12:00 am

It’s glad to hear that not all web based businesses are shutting down and founders just keep on finding new interests.  Today, one of my favorite sites turned 10.  Launched way back in 1997, Sounclick is still  one of the best places to find indie music.

I have a friend through which I discovered Soundclick . He’s one the most musically talented people I know which is really bad for me because it’s my frustration.  Anyway, he promotes and sells his work on Soundclick and for me, knowing that I could listen in anytime without worrying if the site will son fold up, it’s awesome.

Of course, Soundclick wasn’t always the way it is today, like any successful business, they need to cope with time.  For Sounclick to stay in business as a niche site for 10 long years in the web industry where everything is so volatile and companies disappear as fast as they are conceived,  is due to their dedication to their audience. their products are useful to their audience like mp3 sales and licensing tools.

With the era of the social networks reigning supreme, Soundclick has joined the bandwagon too.  They are receiving 2.5 million visitors every month.

All in all, I guess music is really the universal language and Soundclick is wise to niche itself there.