Cryofinders: Find That Plane

August 28th, 2007 at 12:00 am

cryo finders

Last weekend I picked up a friend from the airport.  I guess it;s just the airport I was in and there was only one monitor showing the arrivals of flights.   Which made me wonder if there was any way that some one has mase a web service that could tell me when the planes are coming in.   Today I find CryoFinders .

From the namen itself, I can’t distinguish what it means (since "cryo" means "freeze" or "frozen").  Anyway, after reading the description it’s like an answered prayer  (a late one) that CryoFinders displays real time air traffic in any airport.

It’s a cool app and not entirely important unless you constantly communte by plane but it’s still amazing being able to see what’s going on in different airports around the world.  The great part is, it also works for domestic flights!

All in all, CryoFinders may not go too mainstream but it sure is a fun and useful not to mention creepy tool that gives you that airport monitor power on your computer.