It’s All B*SH

August 29th, 2007 at 12:00 am

If you’re having a hard day, have a lot of complaints at work, got a lot of angst to get out of your chest, then post what you want to say at The site was created for the sole purpose of hosting angry comments, profane language, and your anxieties which the site calls B*SH.

The website has a very simple design. It is straightforward which makes sense. If it was me creating such a site, don’t need and want to further agitate a user from posting what he want to say by adding a lot of steps in the process like log-ins or what not.

The concept is quite funny but the overall idea is not unique to There are definitely a number of similar websites that have the same idea but have different markets. and are some sites that come to mind. Undeniably, however, is unique in such a way that it permits swearing on its site, an action most site moderators try so hard to forbid from their own websites. Although, the site managers of do request that posters use profane language accordingly and not too much.

Posters are anonymous which allow users to insult practically anybody they want. Possible arguments could occur among posters themselves which can turn the whole site into a private message board where contents are mere exchanges of insults between a select number of people.