Opera Mini Optimized for Blackberries

August 30th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Opera Mini 4.0 is released.  The latest mobile browser from Opera is now available as well as an optimized version for Blackberry mobile handsets.

Following the success of the Safari browser on the iPhone, Opera Mini now has the landscape view option.  This is a huge step for the browser and the handset which users will find entirely useful especially for models wih taller displays.

Blackberry users also get treats from the new browser besides its nice looks like native phone menus.  There are also lots and lots of optimizations that make browsing more speedier and efficient.

The coolest feature however may be the custom search creation tool that lets users save site specific search tools into the browser.  This eliminates the need to visit a site when searching for something within the site.

All in all, this browser update could steal some thunder from Safari and the iPhone.  But with the iPhone’s intense marketing,  Opera may fail to convert many iPhone users.