Google Phone, Everybody’s Talking About It.

September 3rd, 2007 at 12:00 am

Google logo
Last week, everybody just started talking about the rumored Google Phone.  According to speculation, it’s going to be some kind of an iPhone killer.  First off, it’s supposedly cheap, it runs on Java, and it’s Linux based OS. 

Rumor has it that the Google Phone is going to be the mobile counterpart of the One-Laptop-Per-Child program, this means they are targetting the $50-$150 price range.  All software on the phone will be written in Jave, including the browser.  With the phones Linux OS, it’s supposed to be faster than OSX and Symbian and Windows Mobile.

Today, Om Malik reported Five definite features of the Google phone: 

  1. Google Phone is based on a mobile variant of Linux, and is able to run Java virtual machines.
  2. All applications that are supposed to run on the Google Phone are java apps. The OS has ability to run multimedia files, including video clips.
  3. The user interface is similar to a UI typical of mobile phones, and the image (with red background) floating around isn’t representative of the Google Phone UI. The entire UI is said to be done in Java and is very responsive. The UI, of course has a "search box."
  4. There is a special browser which has pan-and-browse features that are common to modern browsers such as browsers for iPhone and Symbian phones. The entire browser is apparently written in Java. But then others have told us that the browser is based on the WebKit core, the same engine in Safari and in iPhone, and Google has been  making optimizations to speed it up. This is one aspect of the Google Phone I am not sure about.
  5. Initially there was one prototype, but over past few months Google has the mobile OS running on 3-to-5 devices, most of them likely made by HTC, a mobile phone maker, and all have Qwerty apps. The model that folks have seen is very similar to the T-Mobile Dash. Around 3GSM, there were rumors that Google, Orange and HTC were working together on mobile devices.

And so there we have it.

It seems that everybody’s getting into the phone business.  But so far the iPhone is the model to follow especially for web capabilities.  So, will Google release something really better?