Lulu Sues Hulu

September 6th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Hulu is the name ClownCo decided on a week ago after 5 months of deliberations.
It’s supposed to be the YouTube killer product from Universal NBC.   Today however, they are being sued by Lulu.

Lulu is a self-publishing Web site with headquarters in Morrisville, North Carolina that serves authors, artists, musicians and businesses. It offers print-on-demand publishing and order fulfillment through an online store featuring the works of its customers. The Web site provides tools for creators to publish their books, music and audio files, video and images digitally. Compared to most other web-based print-on-demand companies, Lulu is unusual in that it does not require any setup fees from authors for the most basic level of service; however, Lulu only provides technical support for its users through its forums and a live chat feature on its website.  -Wikipedia

Accordingto to the press release:

"Lulu alleges that Hulu (, as a result of their recent name and Internet domain announcements, have intentionally attempted to create confusion in the marketplace. Hulu, in name, as a mark and in their business as a digital content distribution platform, represents a definitive encroachment.

In addition to the conflict in business for digital video, Hulu’s trademark filing, filed on August 22, 2007, identifies various products and services, many of which are related to, and even identical to, the services that Lulu provides under its Lulu marks."

Personally, I think there is no case for Lulu here.  The name Hulu is a totally different name and trademark.  Sure they sound the same but that’s not illegal.

Anywho, whare ever the lawsuit leads, it could make or break the $1-billion dollar YouTube killer.