Adobe Unveils Photoshop Express

September 7th, 2007 at 12:00 am


About six months ago, I was reviewing a couple of online image manipulation applications like Picnik and Fauxto. I’ve mentioned back then that Adobe was going to release their own web application in the design niche. That day is nearing.

Today, Adobe unveiled their online vision of image manipulation at PhotoShop World, PhotoShop express. Contrary to many opinions, PS Express is not going to replace CS3 but rather PSExpress will be a basic toolset for the web. That means that you’ll still need CS3 to render filters and other more complicated effects on images.

The screenshot Adobe gave out is very professional looking and very different from the CS3 interface. This looks more like a Silverlight product rather than web2.0. Besides, they made Photoshop so I guess they can make anything look like anything. The PS Express environment is somehow lacking features and basing on the screenshot, it doesn’t have much over the existing image manipulation services currently available on the web.

No beta has been released yet but with this unveiling it will sure follow really soon. All in all, it’s some thig t look forward to.