Microsoft Translator Is Live But Not Launched

September 10th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Language translation services are one of the hardest to find on the web. The leading service today is Babelfish, a product of AltaVista, one of the oldest search engines. However, that changes today with the availability of Windows Live Translator.

This is a huge change for Yahoo-owned Babelfish because they now don’t just need to worry about Google Translate., but also Microsoft’s pet. Similarly, this is what happened to search engines, the three big players squabble for user attention.

For translation services, it’s possible that Google may again have an advantage over both Windows Live Translator and Babel who both use Systran technology. Google on the other hand has their own technology and if it proves to be better than the Systran platform, Google will triumph at translation just like they did with search.

All in all, Windows Live Translator is pretty much a clone of the well loved Babelfish. Now they could kill each other between themselves but ultimately Google might kill them both. Now we just need to know which technologies are really better.