Today’s Milestones

September 13th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Today is mostly boring in the webscape. Aside from startups springing up and somebody getting another round of funding, it’s mostly an uneventful day in the webscape. Today however, I’ve found a couple of companies hitting milestones.

1. Apple sells 1 million iPhones – "Apple has announced the sale of the one millionth iPhone. 74 days after its release on June 29th, Apple has reached a major milestone. The mobile device that was two years in the making has changed to path of handhelds, spurred development in the industry, and garnered interest from nearly every corner of technology. And Apple is looking to sell a million more, at a faster rate. It’s just knocked $200 off the original price to gear up for the holiday season, and may be working on a 3G release shortly, as indicated by its partnership with InterDigital." (Mashable)

2. Wikipedia receives its 2 millionth article – "Wikipedia had its 2 millionth English language article written on September 10th, the company says. The two millionth article was on El Horminguero, a Spanish language television show. Wikipedia user Zzxc wrote the article. Wikipedia, founded in January 2001, is six years old." (TechCrunch)

3. First giving raises $50 million – "Firstgiving has helped over 100,000 people raise $50 million for non-profit organizations since its inception. The site, which is a subsidiary of UK-based Giving, Ltd. (who operate a more-or-less identical site in Britain called Justgiving), was opened in the US in 2003." (Read/WriteWeb)

4. The Lending Club hits $1million in loans – "Lending Club, the Facebook exclusive person-to-person lending service has passed the $1 million mark in loans to Facebook users." (TechCrunch)

5. Revver reaches $1million in payouts – "Social video site Revver has paid $1 million to video producers and their affiliates over the past year, the company says. Today also marks the service’s one-year anniversary. Revver generates revenue from pre and post roll advertisements that play in video content in their embeddable player." (TechCrunch)