Google Presently is Coming

September 14th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Google presently

Recently, Microsoft attacked Google Apps somewhat unreasonably stirring inferences of threat.  Microsoft’s Office suite is today’s largest most used Office application in the whole world. The most powerful of the suite’s applications are Word, Excel and Powerpoint.  They are the undisputed champions of the office marketplace and Microsoft wants to keep it that way.  Open source and web based competitors have come close but not completely overthrowing the MS Office trio.

With Microsoft’s attack on Google’s announced Google Apps Premiere Edition (GAPE), we can infer that Microsoft is for the first time in history threatened by a competitor.  They have good reason to be.

Google will be announcing something big this coming Crunch40 conference and with all the activity in the market, including corporate reactions from Microsoft and Zimbra,  many bloggers assume that Google will be completing their GAPE suite with the only thing they are missing, presentations.  Today however, we know that Google will be announcing their Powerpoint killer based on their acquisitions of Zenter and Tonic Systems, startups that are making presentation applications.  With all these info and buzz, it may be safe to assume that this coming Crunch40 conference, Google will be unveiling the missing link in their office suite, Presently.

All this is speculation until Google finally says something.  As for now, we can squabble and assume but nothing more.  As for me, I want to try out Presently first, I’ve been a powerpoint baby all my life and Presently has to really prove itself to me before I change sides.