Winamp is Turning 10!

September 14th, 2007 at 12:00 am


Winamp, it really whips the llama’s ass.

I just love saying that tagline.  I have a fond memory of winamp being my first ever mp3 player.  It wasn’t a personal choice but back then Winamp seemed to be the only reliable software to play music.  It had search and jump features, you could create playlists, adjust equalizers, install skins, and the coolest thing I remember was its ability to rename the tracks of a CD getting the info from CDDB.

Well, I must say that I love Winamp and even today I still memorize its shortcuts and  global hotkeys.  For a time, it was also my choice as movie player.  Today, I stopped using Winamp due to machine constraints, sometimes its just too heavy and with all its new features, I’m not able to maximize the software’s capacity (so I shifted to a lighter music player, Foobar, it works but not as satisfying as Winamp).

It seems that I’m getting old and Winamp is like a kid to me turning 10 this October.  It has grown from its simple beginnings and now they’re part of AOL.  Web features have been integrated for both audio and video (Shoutcast) as well as many others: "New features include a “more like this” feature for generating playlists based on the music you enjoy, the ability to access your media via Wii, PS3, and Xbox, and integrated search features. Another interesting feature is a “media monitor” which detects songs on a web page and lets you add them to your playlists." (Mashable)

All in all, I’m curious to get back to winamp and relive my youth.  As for the founders, Congratulations for making such a wonderful product, please never kill the llama.