Gphone’s Rumored Specs

September 19th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Google phone

Google’s mobile handset hit the blogosphere a couple of months ago and though we have no official word from Google, there are already assumptions, rumors and leaks about the anticipated handset.

Adam Ostrow of Mashable reports: "According to reports gathered from handset makers in Taiwan, Google is rumored to still be deciding between launching the initial Gphone on 3G or EDGE, thus making it unlikely the device will debut by year end. It also remains unclear whether the company is planning to launch its own mobile operating system."

Before this we only knew that the Gphone will run on Java and it’s features will definitely include the ability to use Google services seamlessly meaning there must be WiFi or another high speed internet connection (3G, HSDPA or EDGE)

Personally, I think 3G is the way to go.  Besides, it will be a major advantage of theirs against the iPhone (who has announced a 3G handset by 2008).  I also think that Google should make the Gphone available on any GSM network across the planet, with that, they will totally trump iPhone methinks.

Ostrow also adds, "The other companies that look to benefit from the eventual Gphone launch include High Tech Computer, the reported contract manufacturer, and Qualcomm or Texas Instruments, depending on which mobile standard Google chooses."

All in all, whatever the Gphone may be, we just hope it’s not as expensive as the iPhone which will cost $150 more in Europe this coming November 9.