NBC Universal to Start Offering Free Videos on Their Own Video Sharing Site

September 20th, 2007 at 12:00 am

NBC universal

NBC Universal has already announced that they will launch their YouTube killer Hulu next year. Hulu is rumored to be valued at $1-Billion and this is possible because they will be the only download source of Universal ‘s TV shows that were pulled out of iTunes a couple of weeks ago.

However, reports today show that NBC Universal will be launching another video sharing service that will directly compete with their other baby Hulu. The service will be available ont he NBC main site and it will be offerig free downloads of the much coveted NBC Universal TV shows.

This is very odd indeed. If Hulu was supposed to be the source of the TV shows, why offer them for free on the NBC site? I guess this could be only temporary until Hulu finally launches and since the shows are not presently available on iTunes, this NBC direct must be their solution until Hulu rolls out to play.

Many think that Hulu will be doomed because of this decision but I think NBC Universal is holding an ace up their sleeve. Regardless of this issue, I am still curious of what Hulu will have to offer that makes them the billion-dollar company.