Virgin Mobile Ties Up With 3Jam For a Reply-All SMS Service

September 20th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Virgin mobile has teamed up with startup 3Jam to offer reply-all SMS service. "The launch marks the first time a U.S. mobile operator has launched a multi-party text messaging product. Virgin Mobile USA currently has 4.8 million subscribers." (TechCrunch)

3Jam is a recently funded startup that offers group texting over the internet. They allow their users to send the SMS to multiple numbers for free from a computer then the recepients can reply from their mobile and regular SMS rates apply.

The limitation of the 3Jam service is that the originating message must come from a computer and not a mobile phone. Now that they have teamed up with Virgin Mobile, the SMS blast is now possible from a mobile phone which.

There are no rates yet on the SMS blast service but it could cost a single SMS to the 3Jam server and the actual blast will be free. Or something like that because of course both companies should be doing something since they’ll both be sharing the revenues. "The deal between 3jam and Virgin Mobile involves a revenue-share as well, which is good for 3jam."(MAshable)