Fox to Offer Free TV Show Downloads On iTunes

September 21st, 2007 at 12:00 am


20th Century Fox , a direct competitor of NBC Universal , has struck a deal with Apple.  The Fox-Apple team up will be offering some of Fox’s TV shows for free on iTunes.

"Fox and Apple have reached an agreement to offer free downloads of the shows Fox is trying to promote this sweeps season: that is, the ones people aren’t watching as much as they’d like. No Simpsons or Family Guy clips are among the five shows currently available for free on the iTunes Store. But episodes of shows sure to be forgotten in the sands of time, like Back To You, Til’ Death and K-Ville, are currently available for free at the iTunes Store." (WebWare)

According to Fox’s senior vice president of content strategy William Bradford, "I wouldn’t call it fumbling around. We are trying a lot of different things and there is a lot of learning that the TV industry is going through."

So they are pretty serious which leaves many of us feelig a bit strange, with the question "commercial-free TV?" hanging in our minds.  Anyway it’s their show and we’re just watching.  Besides, they claim it’s their most boring shows so they’ll be handing them out for free hoping that we’ll get interested in them.  Kind of odd when the shows suck in the first place.