Google Is Being Sued.. Again

September 21st, 2007 at 12:00 am

Lawsuits against Google aren’t anything new. But this one is simply bizare! "Pennsylvania resident Dylan Stephen Jayne is suing Google for crimes against humanity and is asking the court for $5 billion in damages. The charge: his social security number, when turned upside down and scrambled spells Google." (Read/Write Web)

That’s right, petty stuff but it is in the courts and $5 billion is no joke. I would understand if Jayne was asking for a million or a couple hundred thousand and Google just might take the case lightly and end up paying him. But $5 billion is calling in the big guns.

However the case might be dismissed for its caliber of stupidity, Jayne is convinced that the Philadelphia 76ers have a key role in decoding his social security number in to "Google."

Here’s the case filing against Google.

Seriously, this is crazy.