Google and Yahoo Are Being Sued For Their Names

September 25th, 2007 at 12:00 am



Remember that crazy lawsuit filed against Google?  Well here is another one of those but this guy includes Yahoo as well.

"A man currently being detained by immigration in Houston, TX has filed a lawsuit claiming Yahoo and Google stole their names from Tanzanian tribes. … The lawsuit states that Google was taken from the Gogo tribe, and Yahoo from the Yao tribe. The claim is asking for $10,000 be paid to each tribe member for the past three generations."(Seann P. Aune, Mashable)

Techdirt reports a more detailed article including the document the plaintiff has filed in court.

Now we all know how Google and Yahoo got their names and they are English word for crying out loud.  What I dont get is, how insane do yu have to be to file a suit like this?  Though the chances of this suit winning out of Google and Yahoo’s favor are close to nil, how insane do the courts have to be to consider this?  Oh well, funny day.