Microsoft Launches Their Free Online Office

October 1st, 2007 at 12:00 am

Microsoft Office live workspace

Finally, first there were price cuts now it’s free.  Microsoft has dominated the Office space for the longest time on the desktop.  Now that the world is sort of shifting to the webtop and most applications are for free and do the same thing the pricey ones cost, Microsoft is hopping on the bandwagon with their own online office suite.

Microsoft Office Live Workspaces is their solution to OpenOffice (Sun), Google Apps (Google), Zimbra (Yahoo) StarOffice, IBM’s upcoming office suite, and Adobe’s upcoming office suite as well.

Office Live is not to compete with Office 2007 rather it was made to compliment each other.  The point of the Live WOrkspace is to give users more accessiblity and capability to store 1000+ office documents seamlessly from desktop to webtop.  Though that feature has been available on Google Apps from day one, Microsoft is hoping that their own brand on the web will convert many Google Apps users back into the MS Office family.

Well, I bet Microsoft will have a hard time taking back users from other online office suites due to the tardiness of Workspace’s release.