Thermo, Adobe Rich Internet Application Design Tool

October 2nd, 2007 at 12:00 am

Today’s keynote presentation at Adobe MAX’s conference in Chicago was all about an application they call Thermo.

Thermo is a RIA or rich internet application design tool according to Adobe and it change the way designers will build Flex-based RIAs.  With Thermo, the designer does not need to touch a single line of code to create a Flex interface.

Thermo understands Photoshop documents and its layers.  This allows the program to determine some UI elements in a PSD file and easily convert it to a Flex application.

"The presenters really got the MAX crowd rocking by showing off Thermo‘s "Convert artwork to…" feature. In a matter of a couple of clicks, a text input box on the UI went from static image to actual form field with the MXML code rendered automatically. Thermo even preserved styling of the form element from the PSD mockup." (Catone, ReadWriteWeb)

Thermo is also friendly with programmers with its fully Flex Builder codeview.  This allows the designer and programmer to seamlessly communicate with no need for translations.

Adobe says they will release Thermo some time in 2008.  When they finally do that, it may change the landscape of web apps as Flash did back in its time.