Apple iPods Are Fiery Death Traps!

October 5th, 2007 at 12:00 am


ATLANTA, GA – An iPod catches fire on its own in the pants of its owner.

This news came in just a couple of minutes ago on the Channel 2 WSB Atlanta website . Apple’s iPod Nano’s are potentially fire hazards and it has happened to some unlucky owners of the mp3 player. The iPod Nano uses a Li-Ion battery commonly used in mobile phones and laptops. Although there have been no reports on mobile phones catching fire due to the battery, laptops have had their fair share of catching fire that some manufacturers have recalled their batteries.

However, in light of the fact that the iPod Nano is capable of catching battery fire as reported by WSB Atlanta, Apple has not (yet) made a statement about their possibly faulty product.

Li-Ion batteries have been used as a reliable power source for mobile gadgets and digital devices are enjoying more battery life and higher computing power than ever before because of it. The problem however is that maybe some of the devices (iPods and laptops) as compared to others (mobile phones et al.) are using more than the batteries can handle. This might be causing the fires.

More interesting part here is, what will Apple do about it and why haven’t they released an explanation or a statement? Channel 2 has actually sent copies of pictures and videos of the burnt iPods but Apple has refused to say how much this has occured and even talk about it at all.

I’m guessing, Apple will be in a lawsuit yet again for all their devices utilizing Li-ions that can potentially start a fire under normal use. That I have to see!