Nokia Announces S60 Touch Interface

October 16th, 2007 at 12:00 am

nokia logo

Nokia unveils their S60 touch software at the Symbian Smartphone Show in London, UK.

These are excerpts from Nokia’s Press Release :

"S60 touch user interface comes with support for tactile feedback, which means that there is a physical pulse and feedback when the user taps on the screen. This provides better awareness of the device’s response improving the user experience.

nokia s60 multi touch software for Symbian OS

S60 will be the first mobile software platform to deliver the complete Web video experience as Flash Video will be integrated with the Web Browser for S60. This allows people to view on the go Flash-enabled Web sites and Flash Video, such as YouTube, as they would do on their desktops."

S60 3rd edition is now being used by Nokia in their N95 device and which was mearly the same time Apple released the iPhone. The N95 got good and better reviews but the multi-touch feature of the iPhone remained unique on the market.

The new S60 touch software for Symbian OS will knock off Apple’s uniqueness since the software will be sold to anybody who’s using the Symbian OS like Sony-Erricson and Samsung among others.

According to reports and Nokia’s press release, the S60 includes multitouch, proximity and light sensing, and basically everything the iPhone screen does.

There are however, no phone devices available on the market with the new S60 software. Expected release to S60-device manufacturers will be in 2008.