Orange to Sell iPhones in France

October 17th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Apple has announced that they will be selling iPhones across the pond in Europe starting this November. They have also said that their iPhone will only work with a certain network they choose, for the US, AT&T, the UK, O2, etc.

iphone in france

Initially they planned to release the iPhone in France under an exclusive contract with the carrier Orange but French laws stating that no phone can be locked exclusively to a single carrier is allowed in the country. The law says that the carrier will unlock the phone at the customers request, with a fee for the first 6 months and for free thereafter.

Of course all 3 of France’s mobile carriers want the iPhone but Apple initially planned to lock the multitouch phone to Orange. This plan however challenged the Frenck law which in turn delayed the release of the iPhone in the country.

Today, the French will finally have an iPhone to look forward to. Apple and Orange have announced that they will start selling iPhones locked to Orange starting November 29. The law however will still be in effect which will effectively require Orange sell unlocked iPhones.

There are no report on how much an unlocked iPhone will cost except they will be available on November 29. This unlocking and anti bricking law of France has given other countries who are in the same situation (no exclusive bundling of devices) a bit of hope that they too will have the iPhone someday, if not soon, at least they can get an unlocked one in France.