New Mobile Internet Devices

October 18th, 2007 at 12:00 am

nokia logo There are 2 new devices that will be hitting the market soon. Both devices are built around the phenomenon that the internet has now become a mobile activity no longer tied to the table and DSL cable.

asus logoSure the mobile phone and the laptop are devices that let you connect to the internet but they both have problems. First, the mobile phone is too small. Its small size makes it unfit to really browse the internet like you would on a desktop computer. So even if the phone has 3G or WiFi, you still don’t get the complete experience. Even the iPhone is not as good with browsing as with a desktop computer. Second, the notebooks are  too big for a mobile device. Sure they are stand-alone devices but honestly a regular sized laptop with a 11-17 inch monitor still weighs too much in the bag. The biggest flaw of the laptop is, It’s a desktop PC in a small package that uses the same electricity. This makes the laptop very bad with battery life. Last but not the least, a decent laptop would cost about $1000 and that’s steep.

So, there are the reasons why the mobile internet needs its own devices. The ideal device would be a device smaller than a laptop but bigger than a phone in both size and features. Here’s the catch, it’s got to be cheap too!

And here are the contenders, the Nokia N810 and the Asus EeePC.


Nokia N810 is an internet tablet that’s basically a big ass phone comparable to their Communicator series. Here’s its description from Nokia’s press release : "You have ability to connect this pocket-sized device to the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot or over your Bluetooth mobile phone. The Nokia N810 allows you to make internet calls; check your Google Mail or Facebook Account; watch the latest videos on YouTube or update your blog using the device’s slide-out keyboard along with its stunning touch screen. Its built-in maps and satellite navigation helps you to find your way. It is expected to start shipping mid November with an estimated retail price of 479 USD (excluding local taxes)."

Ok, it’s a great device in those words. I’d like to have one though there are downsides to it from the top of my head. The slide out keyboard is well to small for chatting and the usual mouse is a navigational key. Though it has touch screen, are the Flash based applications, games and other online applications compatible with the touch screen or am I stuck with the 5-way navigation key? And $479?

Anyway, here’s the next contender, the Asus EeePC.

asus eee pc

The EeePC is a laptop. It runs on a Linux and is a full featured laptop with QWERTY keyboard, touchpad, Flash HDD and USB ports. WiFi and Ethernet come standard. Here’s the low down from Engadget : "Models offer between 8GB and 2GB of solid state disk capacity, 1GB to 256MB of DDR2 memory, and 3.5-hour or 2.8-hour batteries. Each sports an Intel CPU and chipset supporting Linux or XP, a 7-inch display, and Ethernet and WiFi. A video camera is only available in the 8GB and 4GB models."

So right now I’m really leaning on the Asus. What more can I ask for? It’s a laptop running on Linux giving it complete desktop features like Office, image manipulation etc. It’s small, with a full keyboard and touch pad that works better than any touch screen and 5-way navigation key. It has a Firefox browser and after that, nothing compares anymore. Or just one little thing, it’s priced at $299-$399 only! ‘Nuff sed.