Round the Clock Acquisitions 10-23-2007

October 23rd, 2007 at 12:00 am


Today PEHub has nothing from the WEb industry so here are the reports from TechCrunch. I’ll update this post when I get more.

Payment service provider Payoneer is announcing it has received the remaining $3M of a $4M Greylock investment , and a new deal with iStockphoto.

Zango has acquired browser based comparison shopping engine Smart Shopper for what we’ve been told by two people related to the company (but unconfirmed directly) for $9 million.

I wonder why there aren’t much web acquisitions today. Anyway, I just heard that there was another raid on a Torrent site in Europe. Would that have anything to do with the lack of activity in web fundings and acquisitions?

Nevertheless, this crackdown on "illegal" sites are creeping me out and it somehow makes us feel helpless.

*At last, something from  PEHub.

Cisco Systems has agreed to acquire Navini Networks Inc., a Richardson, Texas-based provider of broadband wireless access equipment, for $330 million in cash and assumed options. Navini has raised around $195 million in total VC funding since 2000, from firms like Arcapita Ventures, Austin Ventures, Granite Ventures, Intel Capital, Investor AB, Lehman Brothers, Sequoia Capital and Sternhill Partners.