Web Design in Layman’s

October 26th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Some people really want to create their own website but don’t have the time to go over even the most basic trainings/workshops on web-page design. So web apps that offer simple and easy ways to create website began to popping up in the internet like mushrooms after a thunderstorm. Two sites that offer such services are Jimdo and Weebly.weebly

Both follow simple and easy to use interface. Both offer ajax and web 2.0 features and techniques. Both services have a free version. It boils down to the subtle differences and personal preferences.jimdo

Launched by three German guys, Jimdo is for designing and developing web-pages with a great image gallery layout, a great way for integrating different forms of media files. Jimdo creators claim that their service are better since it is very easy to use, create beautiful and individually designed pages, and has a lot of leeway or freedom on the content with capabilities of aggregating contents and adding other pages via widgets.

Weebly on the other hand, is geared towards creating websites for blogs and instructional purposes. The site advertises itself as a teachers tool, encouraging the use of the site’s free service to create a virtual classroom to augment traditional classroom lectures.

Personally, i like Jimbo slightly better than Weebly. Jimbo’s photo gallery option is just great. Weebly lacks this feature.