Dig a Silicon Valley Girl: OMG! Dream Come True

October 30th, 2007 at 12:00 am

dig a silicon valley girl

OH yes.  It’s a dream come true, finally a site to find women and rank them for their physical appearances.  Finally? I thought there was already Digg and Hot or Not?  True, But this one’s got a twist, a twist that benefits bloggers, programmers, and webworkers alike.

Dig a Silicon Valley Girl , is a Hot or Not ranking system / social network where mostly guys get to come together and discuss their favorite topic, girls.  This site however is exclusive for females of the Internet or any Web2.0 related industry.  These girls are the geeky types and their hotness has been masked by their careers.

For some it may sound pathetic fo nerds of the Valley to rate and rank the women they work with but also it’s a useless tool for any tetosterone driven webworker to put a face on the names seen on blogs and news.  Of course, the more important thing, Dig a Silicon Valley Girl is an outlet to find smart and hot girls! The rarest of combinations.