Joost Partners With Meebo

November 6th, 2007 at 12:00 am


Joost, the startup that was supposed to change good ol’ TV from a couch potato activity to a mouse potato social event has teamed  up with Meebo.

Joost was released a couple of months ago and they  promised and packaged lots of social features including social networking, messaging and instant messaging.  However, Joost today announced that they are pulling the plug on their in house instant messaging system which allows its users to chat with other users while watching TV on Joost.

Joost has chosen Meebo to take care of their IM part.  This is a good move for both startups (who by the way have amassed lots and lots of cash in VC rounds).  Instead of allowing only Joost members to chat with each other on the Joost interface, with integrated Meebo, members can now chat with anybody in their buddy lists regarless of platfor.

Recall that meebo is a multi and cross platform instant messaging service.  Integrating their system in Joost will allow Joost users to IM their contacts while watching TV.

This TV and IM is changing th way people used to gather around a single telly and laugh the night off from a among-neighbors nigh-in into a worldwide social network system.

I havn’t checked out the Joos and Meebo integration yet but I’ll bet it’s all cool.